Kurz: HPE Helion Stackato for Operators

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This course for Operations Engineers teaches how to manage an HPE Helion Stackato cluster. Students will learn about Stackato architecture, capacity planning, security, and user management. They will manage data services and deploy applications to the cloud. Each module incorporates theory, quizzes, and labs, with a strong emphasis on hands-on activities.

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After completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the architecture and main concepts of Cloud Foundry and HPE Helion Stackato
  • Manage cloud services using HelionService Manager (HSM)
  • Configure and use the Cloud Foundry CLI (advanced CLI usage will also be covered)
  • Use Cloud Foundry to deploy and manage cloud-native apps
  • Manage the capacity of an HPE Helion Stackato cluster
  • Manage HPE Helion Stackato users and grant them permissions
  • Set up a continuous delivery pipeline
  • Install and configure data services
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Cieľová skupina

Operations engineers responsible for managing HPE Helion Stackato platform and supporting developers

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Helena Kazárová
+420 261 307 495