Certified Data Center Expert (CDCE®)

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This five-day course is designed to prepare participants to analyze a given business case and perform technical evaluation for a project plan and a set of designs for implementation of a mission critical Data Center. The course also engages participants in product evaluations and demonstrates how to select equipment and develop equipment test scripts (IET) and integrated performance and validation testing (IPVT). CDCE builds upon knowledge gained in CDCP® and CDCS® courses.

Cieľová skupina

The primary audience for this course is any IT. Facilities or data center professional, who are involved 1n the design/build. renovation or relocation of a mission critical data center.

Obsahová náplň

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Choose an optimum site for m1ss1on crrt1cal Data Centers based on cur rent and future needs
  • Describe a ll components important for hi-availability in a Data Center and how to effectively setup the Data Center
  • Understa nd the design lifecycle stages for Data Center build projects and the phases involved in project execution
  • Analyze a business case and develop a project brief that is aimed at fulfilling the business resilience. site selection and design requirements for a fit-for purpose and suitably redundant mission critical Data Center
  • Conduct technical level design reviews for a given set of preliminary design documents and perform a technical compliance audit of a set of final design development documents compliant to TIA standards.
  • For more info about this course please open datasheet

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Odporúčaný rozsah kurzu: 5 dní

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