Authoring Rules with Red Hat JBoss BRMS (JB461)

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Content summary: Authoring basic business rules in Business Central, Decision tables and rule templates, Develop domain-specific languages (DSLs), Testing business rules, Authoring complex business rules in Business Central

Cieľová skupina

  • Business analysts and enterprise SOA architects who are responsible for creating and adapting business policies
  • Rule authors responsible for authoring and testing rules
  • Java™ EE application developers who wish to learn how to use Business Central to author rules

Obsahová náplň

Overview of Red Hat JBoss BRMS

  • Learn about the architecture and the need for a business rules management system such as Red Hat JBoss BRMS

Authoring basic business rules

  • Identify business rule structure and components, including facts working memory
  • Identify rule components and how to author rules with Business Central

Authoring rules as technical rules, decision tables, templates and domain-specific language files

  • Author rules using the Guvnor technical rule editor and decision tables
  • Work with domain-specific language files and rule templates

Business rules decision tables and rule templates

  • Create spreadsheets with rules and rule templates

Domain-specific langua1ges for business rules

  • Use domain-specific languages created by developers to create rules

Testing business rules

  • Test business rules using Business Central

Complex rule authoring

  • Author complex business rules using advanced conditions and field constraints
  • Control rule execution
  • Learn how to avoid rule conflicts

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