Managing HP 3PAR StoreServ III

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This 3-day training covers advanced topics that a storage administrator may encounter after performing the tasks covered in the 3PAR basic courses (HK902 and HK904). Topics included are: Space Explained, Performance, Adaptive Optimization reporting and planning, Alerts, Upgrading, and Configuration Rebalancing. Labs are included to reinforce the course theory.

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At the conclusion of this course you should be able to:

Name the current HP 3PAR hardware offerings and describe virtualization concepts Describe virtualization concepts Explain how space is distributed in HP 3PAR storage arrays Size Adaptive Optimization and work with AO reports Interpret different HP 3PAR performance metrics and how the array’s features can affect performance Tune and rebalance HP 3PAR storage arrays Perform hardware and software upgrades Configure, interpret and handle HP 3PAR alerts and notifications For more info about this course please open datasheet

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A storage administrator who has been managing 3PAR StoreServ arrays on a daily basis for at least a year. This training is not for an individual who has no experience managing a 3PAR array.

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