Kurz: VMware vCloud: Architecting the VMware Cloud

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This course is designed to guide students through the decision points and policy choices available for designing and implementing a VMware vCloud™ environment. Students will learn to appreciate the effects of design choices in VMware vSphere™, VMware vCloud Director, VMware vCenter™ Chargeback, and the VMware® vShield Edge capability that is included with vCloud Director. The course culminates in a comprehensive workshop on VMware cloud design. This course is 45% lecture, and 55% design lab.

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At the end of the course, you should have an understanding of the VMware cloud and be able to:

  • Evaluate and design a multitenant environment to address both private cloud and public cloud customer needs
  • Configure vCloud providers that can accommodate heterogeneous server, storage, and network resources
  • Design a network infrastructure optimized for vCloud
  • Integrate vCloud Director security with existing LDAP systems and design appropriate security hierarchies with security roles
  • Design a vCenter Chargeback implementation

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Sales partners, customers, consultants, and sales engineers who are responsible for designing public and private cloud architectures with VMware products

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