LPI102 - LPIC-1 Exam Prep (Course 2)

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This course prepares students to take the LPI 102 exam of the LPI level 1 certification. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is the go to certification body for vendor independent Linux certifications. This course covers fundamental Linux skills such as file management and manipulation, text processing, command line use, package management, filesystems, hardware, and many more. Students will feel confident taking the LPI LPIC-1 102 exam with in classroom assessments and practice exams.

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At the conclusion of this course you should be able to:

  • Chapter 1 Account and Security Administration)
  • Chapter 2 Customizing the Shell and Writing Simple Scripts)
  • Chapter 3 Automating Tasks)
  • Chapter 4 Networking)
  • Chapter 5 X Window System)
  • Chapter 6 Accessibility and Localization)
  • Chapter 7 Time, Logging, and Printing)
  • Chapter 8 MTA and SQL Fundamentals)
  • Chapter 9 Host Security and Encryption)
  • For more info about this course please open datasheet

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