Kurz: Kepner-Tregoe: Analýza problému a racionální rozhodování

Popis kurzu

Metodologie vyvinutá společností Kepner-Tregoe pomáhá zvýšit efektivitu a výkonnost jednotlivců i organizací po celém světě již více než 50 let. Je považována za standard pro řešení široké škály kritických situací ve všech oborech.

Obsah kurzu

The main objective of the 3-day course is to provide tools and techniques for rational and structured approach to complex situations.

Participants on these workshops learn how to:

  • Use a systematic approach to analyse problems, make decisions, avoid future problems, and handle complex issues
  • Ask precise, specific questions to gather, sort, organise, analyse and confirm information related to problems, choices or actions
  • Describe a problem in specific terms and find the true cause
  • Use a common language to improve communication
  • Verify hunches by checking the facts to avoid unnecessary fixes
  • Improve teamwork and provide ideas for helping colleagues become more effective
  • Eliminate recurring problems
  • Document relevant information about problems, decisions and plans
  • Explain the rationale of their thinking to colleagues and managers
  • Choose a fix or other action which best solves the problem
  • Reduce time to fix
  • Reduce the occurrence of repeat questions to customers
  • Provide improved problem escalation

Cieľová skupina

Employees at any level who are required to troubleshoot, perform root cause analysis (RCA), make decisions, and implement plans will benefit from this workshop. Broaden your critical thinking capabilities and improve your performance by becoming an issue resolution leader.

Poznámka k cene

1377 EUR

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Helena Kazárová
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