Procurement for Project Managers

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This course emphasizes partnering between project managers and procurement professionals to create a single culture with one set of goals and objectives. It emphasizes what must be done for success in the key project procurement management processes: plan procurements, conduct procurements, administer procurements, and close procurements. Lessons learned and best practices from procurement and negotiating theory and experience are also presented.

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After completing this course students will be able to:

  • Conduct a make-or-buy analysis
  • Prepare a procurement management plan
  • Identify strategic advantages of specific contract types
  • Use outsourcing effectively
  • Establish a partnering program
  • Perform a successful evaluation
  • Work effectively in contract negotiation
  • Manage seller performance
  • Lead a project through contract closeout
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This course is designed for people working as project managers, project procurement managers, and other project personnel who are or expect to be involved in procuring products or services to support meeting project goals.

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