Kurz: LTE/LTE-Advanced technology

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Answer the question: „What is new in LTE/LTE-A and how LTE/LTE-A differs to 3G?“. Understand technical basics of technologies Long Term Evolution (- Advanced) and System Architecture Evolution.

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  • Evolution of 3G (UMTS, HSPA, …xC-HSPA)
  • LTE/SAE – basic features, network architecture
  • Protocol architecture and basic features of MAC, RLC, PDCP, and RRC protocols
  • Channel concept (physical channels, transport channels, logical channels, radio bears)
  • Comparison of LTE and 3G
  • Physical layer (features and principle of OFDMA/SOFDMA, resource block)
  • Implementation of physical channels (downlink, uplink)
  • Basic procedures (random access, MBMS, authentication, et­c.)
  • Comparison of LTE and 3G
  • Advanced antenna techniques (MIMO, SU/MU MIMO, beamforming), comparison of LTE and LTE-A
  • Coordinated multipoint transmission/re­ception
  • Spectrum Aggregation
  • Self-Optimizing network concept
  • Relays, Femtocells, Small cells
  • Heterogeneous networks
  • Data offloading
  • Spectrum management
  • Voice over LTE
  • New features of UICC of LTE/LTE-A
  • LTE/LTE-A Market
  • Market and Trends in mobile and wireless networks.

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Technical professionals who need to obtain basic technical overview of LTE and LTE-A.

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