RESILIA Foundation

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This course helps individuals understand how operational decisions can have an impact on good cyber resilience. It shows how nurturing cyber resilience can support operational effectiveness and business efficiency. The purpose of the foundation qualification is to understand how decisions impact good/bad cyber resilience. It has a comprehensive approach across all areas and teaches individua ls how to make good cyber resilience an efficient part of business and operational management.

Price of exam is not included in the price of the course.

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After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • What is Cyber Resilience
  • Balance & Management Systems
  • People, Process and Technology
  • Cyber Resilience Needs
  • What is Risk Management
  • Risk Management in Action
  • Management of Cyber Resilience
  • Adopt, Adapt & Improve
  • Cyber Resilience CSI a nd ITSM
  • Maturity Models
  • Control Objectives
  • 7-Steps of Improvement
  • CSI Approach to Cyber Resilience
  • Cyber Resilience Strategy & ITSM
  • Control Objectives
  • ITSM Strategy & Cyber Resilience
  • Segregation of Duties & Dual Controls
  • Cyber Resilience Design and ITSM
  • Control Objectives
  • ITSM Design and Cyber Resilience
  • Cyber Resilience Transition & ITS M
  • Control Objectives
  • Cyber Resilience Operation and ITSM
  • Control Objectives
  • For more info about this course please open datasheet

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The qualification is aimed at professionals within the following areas:

  • IT and security functions
  • Risk and compliance functions
  • Core business functions including HR
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Operations and Marketing
  • Corporate Security Officer/ Manager
  • IT Security Officer/ Manager
  • Anyone who would benefit from cyber resilience expertise within the team, often including a local champion or mentor for all staff to refer to
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