Kurz: Cloud Foundations

Popis kurzu

Kurz poskytuje študentom prehľad v oblasti Cloud computing, vysvetľuje základné princípy a podáva informácie o tom, ako je možné aplikovať tieto riešenia do ich firiem.

Obsah kurzu

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe how IT should change in today´s evolu­tionary context
  • Describe how the Cloud will change today´s IT
  • Explain Public and Private of cloud
  • Describe the unprecedented sourcing model introduced by the Cloud
  • Explain enabling technologies
  • Discuss Cloud and (new) Service Level Management
  • Discuss how to approach and evaluate a Cloud
  • Business Case
  • Describe Cloud and risk management
  • Explain how HP approaches the Cloud
  • For more info about this course please open datasheet

Cieľová skupina

  • Senior IT Managers
  • Decision Makers Head of IT Architecture and/or Operation Department
  • Anyone with interest in understanding Cloud and Cloud solutions better

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