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This program is a unique concept which brings together two top systemic leadership thinkers. Both have many year experience with developing leadership and relevant company culture and helping companies to fulfil their demanding business objectives.

John is able to thrill people towards big objectives through his inspiring seminars as well as give them valuable advice on the way towards real changes.

Klára´s abilities lie in face-to-face coaching, leading people out from their deep fears and obstacles and enhancing their best capabilities so that they are able to use their potential at maximum.

The combination of our complementary experience, based on the same principles of thinking, is an excellent recipe for success.

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leaders, both current and future

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Our consulting and coaching assignments are usually over a six to twelve month period (as a minimum) and our goal is to raise leadership energy by ultimately changing leadership behaviour. We do this by using a systems input, process, output logic as follows.

Input = Personal Energy Process = Interpersonal Energy/Energising others Output = Impact Energy/Energy in Action

Personal Energy is the sum of all individual energy elements such as physical, mental, emotional, character, drive, disposition etc. It is the ‘fuel’ that allows leaders to act.

Interpersonal Energy is the ability to inspire and motivate others to feel, think and act. The source of this ability is Personal Energy defined above.

Energy in Action is the ability to convert personal energy and interpersonal energy into behaviours that generate measured results. For example meeting KPI’s on time.

Program conception:

The program starts with setting measurable objectives. A 360-feedback can precede. We simultaneously work on two projects which are interlinked:

Internal Project – Personal growth and development of participants; measurable changes in their attitudes, thinking and skills.

External Project – Working on the company´s business objectives which reflect in growth of required financial indicators.

Program is divided into three areas essential for leadership:

  • Self-knowledge
  • Strategic and Systems Thinking
  • People Management

John Raddall, Klara Hejdukova

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Klára Hejduková
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