PPM Center 9.x Advanced Training

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Take your skills beyond the PPM Essentials course by learning how to configure advanced process logic and automation in your PPM implementation. Through discussions and hands-on exercises, you will learn to modularize processes into subworkflows, use condition checks to direct parallel workflow branches, automate system executions and database updates, and build custom portlets and reports

Cieľová skupina

This course is recommended for PPM Administrators/Configurers who have already taken the PPM 9.1 Essentials course and have basic field experience in implementing PPM processes.

Obsahová náplň

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Build and configure subworkflows that can be called from other workflows.
  • Use condition steps to direct parallel processes within a workflow.
  • Configure token and SQL execution steps to define datadependent routing rules.
  • Configure workflow step commands and PL/SQL execution steps to automate system executions at the workflow step level.
  • Build subworkflows and call them from within a parent workflow.
  • Use special commands to update parameter fields, run shell scripts, and other system operations.
  • Customize PPM Center entities by configuring custom user data fields.
  • Design and configure custom portlets.
  • Set up and update the RML schema.
  • Use a third party reporting application to retrieve data from the RML schema.
  • Configure report types to define custom report data and formats. PREREQUISITE

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