Essential communication skills

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The aim of the module is to acquire effective ways of communicating within the team, with the supervisor, internal or external customers. Find out why so often people come to misunderstandings in communication, as well as get to know techniques to improve the understanding of the process of communication. You will become familiar with the importance of non-verbal expressions and learn to interpret the various signals of body language. On the basis of pooled knowledge of the entire training you will be able to identify the most common communication mistakes and how to avoid them.

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every employee

Obsahová náplň

  • The 3 basic components of human nature
  • What happens during the communication process?
  • Questions as a tool for guidance and leading a conversation – how to work with questions
  • The art of understanding of the other party
  • Common terms in communication and what they reveal
  • Understand the strategies of the other party
  • Body language or how to become a master of the situation
  • Building relationships based on communication
  • How to avoid the most common communication mistakes

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