Kurz: Delegation of competence

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Efficiency of a manager and growth of his team often depend on the ability to delegate. The objective of the module is, therefore, to look together of whether to delegate at your work. Together we will identify the most common barriers of managers to move some of the work to subordinates. Find out who is the best candidate to adopt delegated tasks, as well as which tasks can be delegated. You will get instructions on how to delegate specific tasks to subordinates, what information should be submitted. Finally, you will find out what to do in a situation where the employee didn't manage the task on the desired level.

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  • What is and what is not delegation
  • What does the delegation give to manager?
  • Barriers to effective delegation
  • How to identify a suitable task and suitable worker
  • How to delegate – steps to effective delegation
  • Post-delegation activities
  • Principles of successful delegation
  • What to do in a situation where the employee can't handle the task
  • Practicing with obtaining feedback from trainer

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