Lay-off interviews


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Dismissal of employees is one of the most difficult tasks of managers. That is why the method of implementation is very important. The aim of the module is to familiarize you with coping with emotionally stressful situations. To provide you with the tools to successfully manage the lay-off interviews, as well as to provide you with instructions on how to proceed the interview. Full training includes also practical recommendations.

Obsah kurzu

  • Setting the lay-off interviews in the context of managerial work
  • The most common ways of coping with emotionally escalated situations
  • The phases of dealing with worker dismissal
  • Communication techniques in facilitating an interview
  • Leading a lay-off interview – practicing
  • Techniques for handling complaints of employees during a lay-off
  • Direct training of leading lay-off interviews, methodological recommendations

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managers and HR staff

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