Telephone communication


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Popis kurzu

The module is designed for participants who are faced with the need to conduct professional calls. Participants will be able to experience the impact of their behavior on the image of the company they work for. They will recognize their strengths and development opportunities within the area of voice communications, as well as the overall leading of calls, and thereby increasing professionalism and maintaining a positive impression with a partner.

Obsah kurzu

  • Customer orientation
  • Create a professional impression of the call
  • The importance of voice in telephone communication
  • Techniques for improving work with voice
  • Structure of calls – Standards of telephone communication
  • How to grab attention – one minute rule
  • Leading the conversation by asking questions
  • Active listening
  • The most common mistakes in communication
  • Types of demanding callers, handling different types of callers
  • Essentials of dealing with complaints
  • Scenarios – training of dealing with various situations in practice

Cieľová skupina

sales representatives, support, telemarketing staff

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