Secrets of body language


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Popis kurzu

You will recognize the importance of the individual signals of body language, you will discover tools to easily achieve goals by recognizing what information is you partner sending you, you will be able to find out how to increase positive impact on others.

Obsah kurzu

  • The importance of body language, development
  • How are things going with the identification of body language? – Mapping of one's abilities and


  • What features to look for when identifying the individual signals of body language
  • What gesticulating reveal
  • Identification of signals based on movement in space and attitude of a person
  • Reading information from the face
  • Identification of deception
  • Voice as an indicator of emotions
  • Touches – what impression do you make?
  • Practical training in the identification of body language
  • The body language in different life situations – interview, work meetings … and reading the people around
  • How to leave a positive impression
  • The use of non-verbal communication in practice

Cieľová skupina

recruiters, sales staff, managers, HR, key account managers

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