Kurz: Red Hat OpenStack Administration III (CL310)

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Students will set up a Ceph environment and its configuration as a back end for OpenStack, and configure and use the advanced features of OpenStack Neutron.

Course content summary

  • Deploy Red Hat Ceph Storage
  • Manage snapshots in Red Hat Ceph Storage
  • Access Ceph Storage through Ceph block device (RBD) and Ceph object gateway (RADOSGW)
  • Configure Red Hat Ceph Storage as a storage back end for OpenStack Services
  • Manage networks based on VXLAN, VLAN and GRE
  • Deploy and using load-balancer-as-a-service (LBaaS) in OpenStack Neutron
  • Troubleshoot Neutron issues

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  • Introduce Red Hat Ceph Storage architecture, components, and attributes
  • Describe the components and features of Red Hat Ceph Storage
  • Create snapshots and clones for Red Hat Ceph Storage
  • Manage snapshots and clones of a Ceph Block Device (RBD)
  • Integrate Ceph with the OpenStack Glance Image service to store OpenStack images in Ceph
  • Integrate Ceph with the OpenStack Cinder Block Storage service to provide OpenStack volumes in Ceph
  • Integrate Ceph with the OpenStack Nova compute service to store instance data in Ceph
  • Review networking concepts and deploy OpenStack with a separate Neutron networking node
  • Manage network interfaces manually (using the ip command) and persistently
  • Install and manage virtual network bridges
  • Create and deploy virtual network devices
  • Manage and implement networks inside a network namespace
  • Verify and manage the Neutron services
  • Provision tenant networks using VXLAN tunnels, GRE tunnels, and VLANs
  • Implement LbaaS
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot issues with the Neutron networking service
  • Review tasks from the Red Hat OpenStack III course

Cieľová skupina

Experienced Linux® system administrators responsible for managing OpenStack environments who want to learn:

  • To configure scalable and distributed storage as a storage back end for OpenStack
  • The advanced features offered by OpenStack Neutron

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