OpenShift Enterprise Development (DO290)




Popis kurzu

Through hands-on labs, the student will implement user stories for an existing Java™ EE application and deploy the application to an OpenShift Enterprise instance. The student will learn how to create, update, and maintain applications using OpenShift Enterprise.

Course summary

  • Managing an application with Red Hat JBoss® Developer Studio
  • Introduction to continuous integration (CI)
  • Integrating CI into OpenShift Enterprise
  • Implementing CI for the application
  • Clustering the Bookstore application
  • Remote debugging the Bookstore application
  • Deploying custom containers
  • Creating a custom template

Obsah kurzu

  • Introduce and review the course
  • Describe the developer's tools, agile practices, and deployment environment that will be utilized in this course
  • Become familiar with the course application architecture, features, and project layout
  • Describe the features and architecture of OpenShift Enterprise
  • Define, build, and deploy an application on OpenShift Enterprise
  • Establish continuous integration with Jenkins
  • Control and maintain applications using the OpenShift Enterprise command line interface
  • Create deployments that utilize clustering, load balancing, and customized node scheduling
  • Use debugging and logs to troubleshoot problems with application performance or deployment issues
  • Create custom source image containers, templates, and builders
  • Practice the skills learned in this course

Cieľová skupina

This course is designed for application developers (not necessarily Java EE developers) interested in creating OpenShift Enterprise applications with automated unit/acceptance tests and deploying those applications using continuous integration to an OpenShift Enterprise instance.

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1365 EUR

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