Kurz: JBoss Development: Persistence with Hibernate with Expertise exam (JB298)

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By the end of the course, students will have learned the best practices to leverage Hibernate to produce and maintain well-designed, robust business applications while optimizing performance and reducing software maintenance costs

Course content summary

  • Core application programing interfaces for Hibernate (Session, Transaction, Query, EntityManager, SessionFactory, Annotations)
  • Hibernate Search, Validation, Shards, and Tools technologies
  • Mapping inheritance and polymorphic relationships
  • Hibernate HQL, Criteria, and JDBC/SQL queries
  • Hibernate Tools integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Best practices and patterns for Hibernate developers
  • Hibernate deployment, configuration, and performance tuning

What is the JBoss Certified Developer in Persistance credential?

The JBCD-Persistence credential demonstrates your readiness for the real-world tasks associated with using the Java Persistence API with Hibernate.

Obsah kurzu

  • Understanding Java Persistence
  • Learn how JBoss® Hibernate® effectively answers the question of how to represent relational data in an object-oriented environment
  • Deploy a simple application leveraging core Hibernate mappings and persistence features
  • Use available JBoss Developer Studio Hibernate tooling to analyze a project's domain objects
  • Extend Hibernate Entities with built-in and user-defined types and develop robust identifiers
  • Use advanced relational mappings to manage uni- and bi-directional associations, and map Java™ inheritance to database tables
  • Examine how Hibernate manages the relationship between the data in a table and the values in an Entity, and associate these state changes with a unit of work
  • Learn how to leverage Hibernate-fetching strategies, query options, and filters to produce efficient queries
  • Learn the basics of Hibernate design patterns and best practices and how to apply them to build efficient Hibernate systems
  • Use Hibernate's highly adaptable framework in a variety of application types, from simple Java standalone applications to full-fledged Java enterprise-class deployments
  • Hibernate supplies advanced tooling to assist developers in the areas of testing, validation, search, and spanning database instances

Cieľová skupina

  • Enterprise systems architects
  • Experienced Java developers who work with SQL-based database systems
  • Business component and database developers
  • Database administrators who need to understand how ORM may affect performance and how to tune the performance of the SQL database management system and persistence layer

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