Kurz: Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Development (JB453)

Popis kurzu

Course content summary: Understand data grids and Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, Install Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, Develop a cache-based application, Access a remote cache, Cluster caches, Persist the cache, Secure the cache, Search the data grid

Obsah kurzu

  • Red Hat JBoss Data Grid overview
  • Learn about the features and architecture of Red Hat JBoss Data Grid
  • Install Red Hat JBoss Data Grid and configure the development environment
  • Code, compile, and test an application that uses the Red Hat JBoss Data Grid cache
  • Access a cache with remote cache managers using a variety of connector types
  • Evict and expire cache entries
  • Maintain cache integrity with transactions and locking
  • Configure, manage, and optimize clustered caches
  • Back up the memory cache with a persistent cache store
  • Restrict access to cache managers and caches
  • Query the cache elements using the Infinispan query features
  • Continue practicing developing applications with caching using the material presented in this course

Cieľová skupina

Java developers, DevOps professionals who will administer Red Hat JBoss Data Grid

Kontaktná osoba

Helena Kazárová
+420 261 307 495