Kurz: Presentation Skills in English II

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TRAINING GOALS · Develop skills for convincing and logical argumentation. · Use simple and precise expressions. · Improve skills to captivating listeners and get persuasive. · Improve in ability to discuss and lead discussion while

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CONTENT Strategy Review – Prepare Presenting A Short Contribution · Setting of goals for presenting. · Analysis of target group, approach analysis. · Prepare contents, structure (introduction, mid- and closing). · Organization, technical support, visual aids. · Verbal part of presentation, rhetoric rules.

Argumentation · Argumentation techniques, argumentation beneficial to target
group. · Argumentation techniques (arguments-emotions-logic), stating
facts. · Rational appeal, emotions, emotional appeal.

Non-Verbal Part Of Presentation For Advanced


  • Rules, facilitated discussion.

Training “Simple Expressions”

Training “Presenting Your Own Contribution” – Interactive Video Training

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The “Advanced Presentation Skills II” Course is intended for all who wish and need to present own plans and/or project results in front of a small work group. This Course is a follow up for “Presentation Skills I” Course focused on improving in argumentation by increasing confidence when presenting.


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