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Assessment interview may be conducted in various ways – formally, where the supervisor has the upper hand, or as a dialogue, where most of the time the employee talks. What is the real purpose of the interview? After the training you will know effective way to conduct evaluation interviews, which will increase the likelihood of achieving harmony between managers and employees. You will recognize some common mistakes which evaluators committe in the evaluation interviews, as well as how to avoid them. On the basis of the entire training you will be able to experience different methods that achieve a higher degree of objectivity and transparency in the evaluation interviews, as well as a link for further HR tools of your company.

Cieľová skupina

managers and HR staff

Obsahová náplň

  • The importance of evaluation in leadership and people management
  • Theoretical background – the context of employee evaluation
  • Preparing for the assessment
  • What to rate – the evaluation of employees, range of measurements
  • Preparing for the evaluation interview
  • How to conduct assessment interview
  • Principles of the interview – an interview in maintaining constructive level
  • The most common mistakes in the assessment process
  • Skills of the evaluator, types of evaluators

-Types of employees – what to do if the assessed underestimates or overestimates himself

  • The link to other HR tools
  • Difficult situations, how to deal with them
  • What motivates employees
  • Identification of the motivational factors of a particular employee
  • Leading motivational interviews
  • Practicing with obtaining feedback from trainer

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