Leading effective meetings


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Meetings are necessary to establish direct communication, creating personal contacts, building a „team spirit“, to clarify misunderstandings. Previous applies only if the meetings are effective. Based on Leading effective training you will be able to identify the elements of effective meetings, as well as what are your roles in the whole process of facilitating meetings. You will enjoy various types of meetings, their differences in management meetings. You will get different tips and tricks to keep the attention of participants, as well as techniques to meet the objective of a meeting.

Cieľová skupina

  • The importance of meetings
  • Why are meetings inefficient
  • Preparation of meetings and the role of the manager leading a meeting
  • Types of meetings – finding a solution, Informative, Operational meeting
  • Effective opening of meetings
  • The management of various types of meetings
  • Moderating discussions
  • Working with devices
  • Dealing with different situations and participants
  • Closings of the meeting
  • Practicing with obtaining feedback from trainer

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