Kurz: PsychoHRY (English version)

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Come and join us to play psychological games with us. Through these games you won't just have fun, but you will also improve your communicational skills. Games and reviewes are guided by psychologists and lectors from project OTVORENA HRA (www.otvorenahra.sk).

Games target mostly verbal and nonverbal communication as well as observation skills. You will leave with new experience. The games offer the opportunity to work on the skills mentioned previously, challenge your brain and meet new people. However, the main point of the games is still to have FUN.


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Admission: voluntary

Games are prepared according to number of attendees. In case there is a different number of people than anticipated, the experience from the games may vary. If you are not sure you will come, please, leave or give the ticket to someone, who will join the games for sure. Or, in case you don't have a subtitute, write us an email to info@otvorenahra.sk.