Project management I (English)

Popis kurzu

  • To understand the philosophy behind project management and to practically master its

tools (from the position of a project manager as well as a member of the project team) with emphasis on the Definition and Planning phases.

  • To standardize the approach to project management in accordance with the requirements

of PMI and IPMA standards. To create conditions for increasing customer orientation and deployment of customer requirements to project solutions.

Obsah kurzu

Initiation Phase

  • Requirements of stakeholders;
  • Critical success factors;
  • Feasibility study.

Planning Phase

  • Project team; Decomposition of goals (WBS);
  • Project stage model;
  • Responsibility matrix and resources allocation;
  • Risk planning.

Implementation Phase

  • Project milestones (control points);
  • Managing and optimizing project indicators, updating.

Closing and Documentation Phase

  • Evaluating fulfilled project goals.

Project management support and practical issues

  • Examples of a simulation of project management planning in MS PROJECT.

Cieľová skupina

Project Managers and members of project team.

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